Jun 25, 2013

Various Needs

a. Needs according to their intensity
  1.  primary needs are needs that must be met in order to sustain human life. In order to live man must eat, drink, and dress. Besides humans also need a place to stay or a home. The primary requirement is also referred to as a natural necessity. 
  2. Secondary needs are needs that occur after the primary needs are met.
  3. The need for tertiary or luxury needs are needs that occur after the primary and secondary needs are met. He still needs other things a higher level. But the secondary needs tend toward dalammasyarakat prestige goods, eg: diamonds, luxury cars and houses.
b. Needs by nature 
  1. Physical Needs are needs related to physical. For example: food, drink, clothing, and sports. 
  2. The need spiritual needs are an attempt to satisfy the human soul or spiritual person. For example: recreation, music, and worship.
c. Needs by subject
  1. The need for individuals is the need felt by someone and fulfillment can be done individually. For example, farmers need a hoe, students need books and pencils. 
  2. The need group or collective needs are diraskan by groups of people simultaneously, and their fulfillment can be done together, eg roads, hospitals, and recreation.
d. Needs by time
  1. The need now adalha urgent needs that must be met at this time and should not be put off, for example, medicine for the sick, feeding the hungry people. 
  2. The need for the future is the need that are not driven and can be postponed until the appointed time. This need is related to inventory or preparation for the future. For example, parents saving for their children's school preparation and insurance.

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