Jun 25, 2013


Describtion of Needs
        Necessity is the human desire for items or services that can satisfy both physical and spiritual needs.
        Human needs are not limited to the requirement that is concrete (real) but also abstract (not real). For example, a sense of security, to be appreciated, or respected, then

Human needs are unlimited. Some of the factors that cause human needs are not limited to are as follows:
  • The increase of population. 
  • The more advanced science and technology.
  • The expanded environmental education.
  • Increase the level of human culture.
  In the fulfillment of human needs are not limited to do by way of the following :
  1. Berusaha individual or group in the community or the environment. 
  2. Pemenuhan need not at once, but must implement the priority kebutuhanmana priorities should take precedence.


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