Dec 18, 2008

Developing Your Product Ideas

There are also some other things you can do to check out the competition and then optimize your site so that you can compete well. It's a good idea, though, to also search for your terms in Google (since most searches are done on Google) without the quotation marks, and then take a look at the sites in the top 5. If they're all huge - for example, in a travel niche, if the top five sites were ones like Orbits and Travelocity - then I wouldn't count on my page competing well . I would look at all possible versions of my term, though, before writing it off or narrowing the niche (as in the list above).

Now that you have some idea of what the market is for your particular niche of ideas, you have to come up with your first product. Of all of the product ideas that you complied, you should at least have some idea of what your first product is going to be. Start out simple, and then work up from there. Look toward the results that you came up with as far as popularity when it comes to keyword searches, and put those ideas to work together to create one amazing product.

It is important to note that those network marketers who start out in the business by striving to provide information to people are going to be the most successful. Information is a luxury that many people refuse to give up, and if they think that some information or training can help to solve a problem and make their lives easier or contribute to success, they will at least give it a try. A great product will keep the clientele wanting more, and that is how a successful business is born.

The moral of this little discussion is that if you like something in particular, try to create a network marketing product niche where you can do well. Why? Passion is what people want to see. When it comes to recruiting affiliates and to bringing in potential clients, having a product in place that you know a lot about and you think you could involve other people in would help to increase your chances of success right off the bat. By being able to be excited and passionate about something, you are allowing others that right as well.

Now that you have your first product, you will now soon know if people want more. If you did a great job and you sold enough units, you have enough of a clientele base to keep things going. These days, experts are recommending a technique called mind mapping to expand upon product ideas and come up with ways to better the business.

Mind mapping is a type of outlining. Think about all of the outlines and bubble diagrams that you made as a kid. You probably used them in lessons that involved writing short stories. You may have used them in science lessons. Logic lessons and reading lessons are other popular spots for the mind mapping technique.

Needless to say, diagramming and charting things is not too difficult to get used to as a child. If a child's brain can draw bubble diagrams, you can conquer mind mapping. It works like this: Write your central first product idea on a sheet of paper turned the long way. Poster paper works well for mind mapping too, as does computer software if you have it.

Draw a circle around your main product idea and draw a line. Come up with the next basic idea that you think of when you hear your initial product idea in your head. This does not have to be a new product idea, just a thought that you came up with as a result. This is a spur of the moment tactic, so whatever you think of, write it down.

Do that a few more times. Go as many as four rounds with this if you can. If your initial product idea doesn't really lead to anything else, you might want to consider expanding into a different niche.

Using the example of the Labrador retriever training e-book, consider what the next logical sequence would be if you were mind mapping it. We already came up with training videos, so draw a line from the e-book idea to training videos. From that idea, you might move on to training collars as another central theme. More training videos would come after the training videos bubble on your map.

That is the beginning of what the mind mapping exercise would look like for our Labrador retriever training product niche. Your mind map does not have to be as specific, but it saves you some time if you put serious thought into your product lines from the beginning. This gives you a more reasonable expectation of how things are going to be, what you are up against, and an opportunity to monitor the competition.

Mind mapping is a great way to organize your thinking into creating something useful for those who will be your first customers. You want customers to be satisfied-amazed, even. Mind mapping can take you from square one to the final step in creating the perfect product line for your new business.

Creating products is about bringing a good idea into formation and playing it out into something that brings you profits. Whether it is an invention, a system, or a source of information, product creation works the same way and must be played out to the end for it to be of any use.



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