Dec 18, 2008

Website Marketing

Website marketing is a powerful yet cost effective way to promote your website. Most of these types of marketing are also easy to do. They are not as expensive as offline promotions. This allows you to do more promotions and get a greater number of visitors to your site. Sometimes you may wonder which methods to use first.

After building your website your first objective is to capture email addresses and build your list. You can do this with a free newsletter. You will need to hire a 3rd party autoresponder service for this. You will set up your subscription box on your web pages and your autoresponder will automatically add the subscriber to your list when they sign up. Your autoresponder will allow you to give one time messages or autoresponder sequences to your list. An example of a one time broadcast would be your newsletter. An example of a sequential autoresponder series could be a mailer. Your autoresponder will allow you to schedule individual mailings and check open rates. It will also manage your lists and automatically unsubscribe people from your list when they request it.

Your next goal is to get traffic to your website quickly. Here are a few fast ways to do this.

• Blogging: Set blogs on wordpress and Wordpres allows you to put in all sorts of plgins and present your blog well. isgoogle’s site and as such googlebots will follow your links to your web pages and those pages will be indexed within 48 hours.

• RSS feeds: link your blog to popular RSS feeds. This will increase your website traffic. Remember to put tags in that pertain to your niche business so that you will attract the right crowd.

• Social book marking: You must be careful with these and only put in your request once or it will be considered Spam. Do a short post explaining why your site should be added to the social book marking site. You can also use social networking sites .

• Google Adwords: This is a fast and targeted way of advertising. You will need to understand how to use the correct keywords and keyword phrases to attract your specific market. Bidding is also quite tricky and you will need to monitor your campaigns carefully. You can read Google’s tutorials and use their helpful tools to do this.

• Article distribution: This can bring you visitors within a month or sometimes less. It is not quite as fast as the above but when you submit your articles on a regular basis to the article directories you will get increasing numbers of visitors to your website. It is in fact a long term traffic generator.

To help you with your website marketing you need to have a specific system for your traffic, using many methods of traffic generation. You can find one here, as well as a manual to help you understand the different methods of getting traffic to your website

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